Do Stanley Cups have Lead in Them?

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Stanley’s iconic 40-ounce travel tumblers have become a staple for outdoor enthusiasts, commuters, and coffee lovers. But recently, concerns have arisen about the presence of lead in these beloved cups. Let’s dive into the details and separate fact from fiction.

The Lead Controversy

  • The Source of Concern: The issue centers around the use of lead-based solder during the manufacturing process of Stanley tumblers. This solder is used to seal the vacuum insulation between the exterior and interior layers of the cup.
  • The Hidden Lead: The lead-based solder is discreetly placed under a small disc on the bottom of the tumbler. Importantly, this solder does not come into direct contact with the beverage inside the cup.
  • Safety Assurance: Stanley has confirmed that their cups are safe to drink from. As long as the disc remains intact and covers the solder point, lead contamination is not risky.

The Science Behind It

  • Temperature Retention: Stanley tumblers excel at maintaining the temperature of liquids due to the insulating vacuum between the metal layers. Before reaching store shelves, a small hole used during production is sealed with lead-based solder.
  • Lead Concentration: Tests conducted by lead safety advocate Tamara Rubin revealed that the solder material contains approximately 25% lead. While this fact is true, it’s essential to emphasize that the solder is not in direct contact with the liquid.

Practical Advice

  • Keep the Disc Intact: If you own a Stanley tumbler, ensure that the small disc covering the solder point remains in place. Avoid removing it or touching it with your hands.
  • No Need to Panic: Drinking water from a Stanley cup is still safe. The lead-based solder is not leaching into your beverage.

In summary, while Stanley cups do contain lead, they pose no risk of lead exposure unless the disc is compromised. So go ahead, and enjoy your favorite drink in that trusty Stanley tumbler—it’s still your reliable companion! 


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