Customize Your Tumblers

From A Hand Painting To A Finished Product, Customize Your Exclusive Business

Customize Bottle Shape

Tailor Your Product Line
Empower your business with customizable bottle shapes. At SINGSUANG, we offer a diverse range of bottle profiles to elevate your product line. Whether it's refined and slim or robust and distinctive, our shape options let you define your brand's identity.
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Customize Bottle Lids

Seal Your Brand's Excellence
In the world of beverages, a lid is more than just a cover – it's a testament to quality. Our selection of customizable lids ensures that your brand's reputation is sealed with every sip. Choose lids that align with your brand's image, from spill-proof to sipping ease, and provide your clients with the perfect seal.

Customize Your Logo

Branding Beyond Limits
Your brand deserves to shine in every cup. SINGSUANG offers tailored logo customization options to make your brand unmistakable. Whether you prefer the subtle elegance of laser engraving or the vibrant impact of 4D printing, we provide the tools to showcase your brand identity to other businesses.

Customize Your Printing

Unleash Creativity in Every Batch
Craft cups that tell your clients' unique stories. Our customization extends to the very canvas of each cup. Choose from methods like heat transfer print, sublimation transfer, and more to turn every batch into a work of art. Unleash your creative edge, and let your cups carry your clients' narratives.

Customize Your Packing

Packaging That Speaks Quality
In the B2B realm, first impressions count. Elevate your product's presentation with our customizable packaging options. From the classic appeal of white boxes to eye-catching display boxes, choose packaging that ensures your cups arrive in style, setting the stage for your business relationships.
If you have a special size, please provide your own size.

Gift Set

Color box designt

TIPS: You can freely choose any material and box shape you want, and put your amazing design on the box.