What Customization Options Are Available for B2B Clients Ordering Custom Tumblers?

custom tumblers for b2b

When ordering custom tumblers for B2B clients, the ability to customize the products to align with the brand’s identity and messaging is crucial. Reputable suppliers typically offer a range of customization options to meet the specific needs of businesses. Here are common customization options available for B2B clients when ordering custom tumblers:


logo technology1. Logo Technology

One of the main customization options for corporate tumblers is incorporating the company logo onto the glass. Different logo printing techniques can be used, including Screen Printing, Heat Transfer, Digital Printing, Spray Painting, Laser Engraving, UV Printing, Water Transfer Printing, and Decal Printing. Clients can choose which technology to use based on the material of the cup, complexity of the pattern, quantity, and budget.


logo placement2. Logo Placement

B2B clients often want their brand logo prominently displayed. Customization options may include choosing the location of the logo on the tumbler, such as front and center, on the lid, or wrapped around the body.


color options3. Color Options

Businesses may want tumblers in specific colors that match their brand palette. Customization allows B2B clients to choose from a variety of color options for the tumbler body, lid, and other components.


material selection4. Material Selection

Different businesses have preferences for the materials used in their custom tumblers. Options may include stainless steel, BPA-free plastics, or eco-friendly materials. B2B clients can choose the material that aligns with their brand values.


small mouth insulated water bottle5. Size and Style

Customization extends to the size and style of the tumbler. Whether a business prefers a classic tumbler, a travel mug, or a sporty design, suppliers often offer a variety of styles and sizes to suit different preferences.


bottle lids options6. Bottle Lids Options

Tumblers come with diverse lid options, Flat Lid, Straw Lid, Flip Lid, Twist Lid, Push Lid, Screw Lid, Slide Lid, Twist and Lock Lid, and Spill-Proof Lid. B2B clients can select the type of lid that best suits the preferences of their target audience or the practicality of the tumbler’s use.


printed designs or patterns7. Printed Designs or Patterns

Beyond logos, B2B clients may want additional printed designs or patterns on the tumblers. This could include slogans, taglines, or decorative elements that reinforce the brand message.


engraving or embossing8. Engraving or Embossing

For a more sophisticated look, some businesses opt for engraving or embossing their logo or a specific message onto the tumbler. This customization option adds a tactile and premium feel to the product.


custom packaging9. Custom Packaging

Customizing the packaging of the tumblers is another option. B2B clients can choose to have their logo or brand colors incorporated into the packaging, enhancing the overall presentation.


quantity flexibility10. Quantity Flexibility

B2B clients often order in bulk. Customization should come with flexibility in terms of quantity, allowing businesses to order the number of tumblers they need for various events, promotions, or gifting.


custom tumblers built in strainers flip open lids11. Special Features

Some suppliers offer special features for custom tumblers, such as built-in strainers, flip-open lids, or unique closures. B2B clients can choose features that align with their target audience or specific promotional goals.


personalization for recipients12. Personalization for Recipients

For B2B clients running promotional campaigns or gifting programs, the option to personalize each tumbler for individual recipients with names or custom messages can be a valuable customization option.


branding guidelines compliance13. Branding Guidelines Compliance

Reputable suppliers work closely with B2B clients to ensure that the customization adheres to the brand’s guidelines, maintaining consistency across all promotional materials.






Before finalizing an order, B2B clients are encouraged to liaise closely with the supplier, clearly articulating their customization requirements. Engaging in discussions about design nuances and requesting samples or proofs becomes pivotal to ensuring the final product seamlessly aligns with their brand vision.

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